UK Salary Income Tax Calculator

Calculate your salary after tax with our easy-to-use UK salary income tax calculator.
Use our take-home calculator to work out how much you earn after tax, national insurance, student loan and pension contributions. Available in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly values.
About this calculator
  • This calculator aims to simplify the process of working out your salary after tax. Enter your gross salary and any applicable options, and we'll crunch the figures into an easy-to-understand table.
  • As the calculator does not take into account any additional circumstances or arrangements between the employee and employer, it does not constitute financial advice. You should always do your own research to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances. Our tool is an excellent way to find out your salary after tax after getting a new job or promotion.
Working example:

Ivan has a gross salary of £28,000. Ivan does not make pension contributions, but has student loan repayments to make.

Based on the 2020/21 tax year, Ivan has a personal allowance of £12,500.

Ivan will pay the basic rate of tax - 20% - on his taxable income (gross salary - personal allowance) of £15,500. This works out as £3,100 in income tax deductions.

After deducting Ivan's student loan (Plan 2) of £128.25 and national insurance contributions of £2,200, Ivan is left with a take-home salary of £22,551.75 after tax.
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