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Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

Not only will investors receive 50% income tax relief on the first day of investing in SEIS, but there is unlimited capital gains tax relief when selling SEIS shares.
50% Income Tax Relief
Back Date Your Tax Relief
No Capital Gains Tax On Disposal
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Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

Established in 1992, EIS has been saving investors millions of pounds in tax every year. Most sophisticated investors know about this scheme and actively pursue investments that offer this generous tax relief.
30% Income Tax Relief
Back Date Your Tax Relief
No Capital Gains Tax On Disposal
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Venture Capital Trusts

VCTs are investment companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange that invest in small UK businesses, subject to meeting certain criteria. VCTs spread your investment across their portfolio which lowers your risk.
30% Income Tax Relief
Tax-free Dividends
No Capital Gains Tax On Disposal
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Research & Development

R&D tax relief, which was introduced in 2000 for small to medium-sized companies and a larger company scheme introduced in 2002, is the British government's way of backing UK invention for new technology developers.
33.35% cashback for loss-making companies
43.7% effective tax relief for profitable companies
Simple process combined into the year-end accounting
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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is the most misunderstood and unplanned against taxes. Most people are surprised when 40% of an estate goes to HMRC so planning ahead is crucial. We explain the seven-year rule and other reliefs in a simple way.
40% tax rate on the estate
Planning can mitigate large parts of an estate To Tax
Will writing, gifts, trusts, (S)EIS tax planning
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Capital Gains Tax

CGT was introduced in 1965 at a flat rate of 30%. However, since several major tax reforms have been introduced since. We now have many rates, reliefs and exemptions to cater for most of society's eventualities.
Rates From 0% to 28%
Taxed On Capital Items Held For Investment
Longer-term investment To Replace Income Tax
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Competitive Advantage Tax Reliefs
Business Startups
Accounting Systems Integration
Strategic Business Advice
Non-reserved Legal Services
Inheritance Tax & Probate

Business Compliance

SEIS and EIS Tax Relief
Research and Development Tax Credits
Personal & Corporate Tax Returns
Inheritance Tax Planning
Capital Gains Tax Planning
VAT & Indirect Tax Consultancy

Our service sectors include

Web Development Apps
Film & Television
Disruptive Technology
Consultancy & Services
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