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What is SEIS?

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is the most generous, tax-advantaged venture capital scheme ever introduced that offers investors enhanced income tax and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) reliefs.
Tax reliefs are available to individual investors who subscribe for shares in SEIS qualifying companies. SEIS investors can claim immediate income tax relief of 50% of the amount subscribed, up to an annual investment limit of £100,000. Each year, an additional £100,000 can be invested under this scheme.

Who is it for?

The main beneficiaries of this scheme will be higher rate taxpayers who have funds available to put into SEIS companies in order to recover income tax deducted at source by employers. Profitable business owners will also be able to pay themselves higher salaries in order to recreate this scenario.

However, at Key Business Consultants, we believe that SEIS should be considered by any UK taxpayer to not only save tax but also just to maintain competitive advantage with other taxpayers who do benefit from the tax relief.

How can we help?

We will help you to identify an achievable trade to qualify for SEIS relief in a new trading company which will be your own investment vehicle. Our standard, new company consultancy will ensure that you are confident that your new business starts off with best practice, digital, online systems from the outset.

We can complete the entire application process on your behalf after a thorough consultation, your opportunity strategy mapped out and all the necessary arrangements have been put in place to maximise your own hand-held SEIS vehicle.

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