As Chartered Accountants in London, we help many business with the accounting. Today we’re going to tell you about one of our clients.

Overseas clients often look for Chartered Accountants in London to headquarter in the UK or set up subsidiaries.

Overseas Medical Technology Companies

As a member of the Department of International Trade’s professional members, we have been referred to many overseas medical tech companies from countries such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, Australia, USA, and Ireland.

These companies are very exciting. They deal in:

  • skin healing creams,
  • artificial limb product development
  • spine assessment
  • bespoke product development
  • cancer, and other illness detection and treatments.

We are very proud to be a part of the chain in this endeavor.

How We Helped

We have helped them to headquarter mostly, but also sometimes to get a UK subsidiary. This involves navigating the local and UK tax and legal implications in doing so. Most of the time moving to the UK is motivated by UK government grants obtainable through university medical departments and also to offer the HQ shares to UK taxpayers to claim SEIS and EIS tax relief on.

Since the owners and investors are overseas at least partially then our preferred online bookkeeping systems sit well with providing access to their own data and importantly audit trails of our work. We also give training to the business owners so they can navigate their own data in the system when required.

The other standard services we provide include payroll, VAT, personal tax setup and ongoing compliance services. If the business owner has international income then we can also advise on residence and domicile tax issues in moving to the UK.

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