Too many service businesses try to keep their clients in the dark rather than giving them advice.

In this article, we’ll explain why giving advice is not just a good deed. It’s good business.

A Modern Approach To Advice

Some companies think that holding back information is a sensible way to run a business. After all, why would you give advice if you could sell it? And surely keeping clients in the dark means they are more likely to need your help?

At Key Business Consultants we believe it’s the other way round. The more you can educate and inform your clients, the better for both of you.

Gary Green, our principal, explains:

We operate our business with a modern approach to advice. We give best business practice advice to our clients throughout our engagement from the start. Typically we do not charge clients for advice which is readily available to us or online but only if there are calculations and research involved.

A Win-Win For Consultants & Clients

Being forthcoming with advice isn’t just great for your clients. It’s great for your own business too. Gary explains:

We believe that it is more beneficial for our clients to grow and establish themselves within their industries so that they become stronger businesses and longer clients of ours. This should translate to bigger fees for us as they require more services and take on more operations.

Think of your relationship with your clients as a partnership. Your job is to help them thrive and flourish. As they grow, they will naturally reward you with more consulting work.

The Same Approach To Marketing

This kind of collaborative approach also pays dividends in sectors such as marketing. Think of every project as a form of business consultancy:

We also have a sister company Key Business Marketing which does website setups, hosting and SEO, basic development like plugins, marketing consulting, social media and paid adverts management. We also have startup legal templates like HR contracts, website t+cs, privacy and GDPR notices.

Getting your clients set up correctly and with the potential to grow has positive benefits all round:

Our website starter packs help new businesses get the right things in place for their compliance and also to show their clients that they take their business seriously. Hopefully our clients take the same view of us for thinking about their needs in advance.

So when dealing with your clients, stop thinking in terms of “us and them”. Give away as much free advice as is commercially viable. Your clients will thank you in the long run.

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