Taking place on the 25th November 2014 at London Bridge, the unBound Digital event is set to connect all varieties of digital ecosystems around the world, bringing one of the fastest growing economies in Europe together in one of Europe’s most important trade and business hubs. Digital media is big business today, especially in the UK, were investment opportunities within this sector are becoming more accessible than ever before. Government backed schemes such as SEIS finance funding not only creates alternative funds for business ventures and entrepreneurial projects but allows for a steady flow of foreign and domestic investment, where the rewards can be quite beneficial regarding saving on capital gains tax and more. Bringing the entire world of Digital Media together, unBound Digital is set to be the main event for a broad spectrum of businesses and entrepreneurs, looking to expand or start-up a business within the industry. With guest speakers, event partners, business leaders and growth stage companies all merging together to connect for this event, it will surely be a fabulous chance for investors and entrepreneurs to gain a massive additional insight into the rapidly developing world of digital media and marketing. The reason for the massive interest is due to the increased popularity of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) which essentially allows entrepreneurs and businesses to discover a legitimate and highly valued way to access funding for new and existing business ventures. The SEIS was introduced as banks began to curtail their lending, shunning applications for finance following the recession. As entrepreneurs found it almost impossible to start up any venture that required funding of more than £50,000, the SEIS program has provided many with the right access to the funds they need, whilst retaining control of their businesses. With the number of SEIS start-up applications growing by 75% so far this tax year, there is certainly a massive interest from many industries, with almost £2 billion expected to be invested in SEIS ventures over the next 12 months. Companies such as Facebook, Unilever, Nasdaq and CrowdCube will be Sponsoring at the unBound Digital this November, where you can discover more about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, talking with professionals who can competently discuss your needs and requirements for alternative finance for projects, business expansion and updating equipment.

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