Unlimited Tax Relief

Not only will investors receive 50% income tax relief on the first day of investing in SEIS, but there is unlimited capital gains tax relief when selling SEIS shares.

You are exempt from inheritance tax, you will get income tax loss relief if unsuccessful and will reduce the capital gains tax on other gains in the same or earlier tax year by 50%.

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Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

On average one SEIS company will relieve all income tax for an average taxpayer over four tax years. Join Key’s other investors in saving your income tax today.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is the most generous, tax-advantaged venture capital scheme ever introduced that offers investors enhanced income tax and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) reliefs.

Higher rate tax payers and profitable business owners now have a low hurdle threshold to recover up to £50,000 income tax annually.

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Permanent Feature

The 2014 Budget has made this a permanent feature of UK tax savings schemes and our Key Guide highlights the main conditions that need to be satisfied, but the conditions are complex and you should take professional advice before making an investment.

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How does it work?

Tax reliefs are available to individual investors who subscribe for shares in SEIS qualifying companies.

SEIS investors can claim immediate income tax relief of 50% of the amount subscribed, up to an annual investment limit of £100,000. Each year, an additional £100,000 can be invested under this scheme.

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